You are different, I'm different - we are all different - this is an axiom and it's the reason to think about perfect vacation in individual way.

For someone the best vacation is a never- ending string of tours and trips to museums, the absorption of new information, learning the language.

For others is most interest is the endless beaches, gentle ocean.

Someone does not think himself a luxurious holiday without noisy parties, and someone on the contrary can only relax in a quiet and calm environment.

IntelTur Kazan is the company realizes that the rest may be different!

Arriving at a travel agency, a person expects to find there is understanding and support. Planning a vacation - this is important and responsible. And we are ready to take responsibility for the most important time of your life - while relaxing!

IntelTur Kazan is tha company of individual tourism. This means that we focus on the individual preferences of each client and of all varieties are trying to prepare the most interesting and profitable suggestion.

We help our customers realize their dreams of traveling to the most remote and exotic corners of the globe. Also, we can help to optimize your expenses for business trips and holidays to popular destinations overseas and in Russia.

We will help you:

· Collect the necessary documents to obtain a visa;

· Tickets for charter flights flights;

· Purchase ferry tickets for travel to Scandinavia and Greece;

· Buy the tickets to move around the European countries;

· Book hotels all over the world;

· Rent a car;

Our foreign partners will provide you with a tour service and the necessary information about the country.

Students and pupils, we offer to take part in various educational and work programs, such as "Work & Travel" in America, in Europe internship, various language courses and summer camp.

We will pick up for you a good combination of price and quality and to inform you about the presence of "burning" tour on your vacation dates.

By creating our site, we have tried to combine information about the search and selection services in such a way that everyone can try yourself to choose and calculate the cost of your tour. And before the final decision to consult with our experts. Our staff has experience in tourism about 14 years. And we hope that the professionalism of our staff will allow you to make the best decision.

And we are always happy to share their knowledge and experience to make your trip become one of the most exciting in your life!

Today IntelTur Kazan - dynamically developing company. We are actively cooperating with well-known and stable in the Russian market by tour operators and direct service providers abroad.